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Laser Marking Processing Advantages
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Laser Marking Processing Advantages

1. Low cost, high efficiency, all Good, fully-automated, easy to operate

Laser use of the "tool" is gathered after the high-energy laser beam, do not add any additional material can be of long continuous processing, and computer graphics design arbitrary text in single pieces of labeled products to meet the demand for mass production

The processing process completely by the computer automatic control,does not need the artificial intervention, the speed is quick, greatly enhanced the production efficiency. If not the human factor, nearly cannot produce has not the good phenomenon, thus the great width reduced the production cost


2. Samples from the rapid sequence of automatic layout marking, speed, convenience, time-saving, where he considers safe

Completes from the typesetting to the end product mark, only needs several minutes time (For example:  you want to carved your name on your phone casing superscript, you simply marking software interface on a computer keyboard made your name, and then your phone-ping on the table, moving the mouse click "marking" key, not more than two seconds, your name will be on the phone shell markings completed).
   The sequence number marking : Hits sign software in the sequence number production process automatically according to the smooth arrangement serial number, without pause and typesetting, such as date, time, bar code ect

3. conforms to the international environmental standards, raise product grades
Laser processing non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting, processing products production beyond the world of environmental protection requirements, is a safe and environmentally friendly processing methods. As enterprises completely without worrying about printing and ink printing technology, such as corrosion caused by the restrictions on products

Because of high precision laser marking ,the sign engraves chart article handwriting clear, fine artistic, evensmooth, stereoscopic effect strong, and there are no MAO  or fuzzy phenomenon , carving illustrations of each product standards


4. has solved the stock backlog worry
Because the laser marker processing material hardness without restrictions, and non-contact-type processing, and therefore can heat treatment, surface treatment or polishing after marking completion, but also in quality, learn from the ship before processing marking customer requirements icon and the exact quantity and thus greatly reduce the backlog and waste products


5. Non-contact processing, minimal heat-affected region, permanent markers

 Through the aggregation of high-energy laser beam as sharp knives, surface material objects can be rapid vaporization. Marking the production process for the non-contact hiagh from the processing, objects to be processed would not cause any pressures and wear, even though the product line from the surface can stop it the perfect laser marking, some conventional methods thus completing the process could not be realized. laser marking, as the surface material was separated, marking not dissipated due to adverse environment


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